by Eve Wake


“Hurry up, get your shoes on, we’re going to be late,” shouted my mam. She was always in a rush. We set off on the journey to the Raby Castle for the Easter Egg Hunt. I was excited to be spending time with my cousins Jacob and Violet. Finally, we arrived!

“Come on Matthew,” shouted Jacob to me, “let’s start the hunt.”

“I’ll leave you to it but don’t go too far, I trust you Matthew,” mam stated as she spotted one of her old friends. Together, we raced up the hill until, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a misty purple glow.

I stopped so suddenly that Violet crashed into me, knocking us both over. “What are you two doing?” Jacob asked. After I caught my breath back, I said, “Look, an egg, it’s glowing, round the corner of the castle.” Quickly, Jacob rushed towards the egg and grabbed it without hesitation.

There was a flash of golden light and I was completely blinded. It felt like I was falling from the sky, my fingers were tingling. Gradually, my sight returned and I opened my eyes. There were soldiers, real soldiers holding blades and pointy swords all standing in a row. The egg had transported us to the middle ages and we were in the centre of a battle-field. But, what was the army fighting against? I turned around and saw archers pointing to the sky, so I looked up. Moving through the clouds was an eerily dark shadow. It hurtled towards us, its wings flapping wildly. “A DRAGON!” Violet screamed, “RUN!”

We ran to the castle and hid, watching the drama unfold. She was nothing like I had ever seen, she had razer-sharp claws and teeth like kitchen knives. Her tail had a gargantuan ball at the tip of it and her wingspan was enormous. I looked around and saw what Jacob was holding, the egg, I thought. “It’s a dragon egg, the soldiers must have stolen it, we have to give it back!”

“You’re crazy, we’ll burn like sausages out there!”

“We have to try,” I shouted.

Together, we struggled through the fire avoiding the balls of flames. My arms were battered and bruised and my feet ached. Pain shot through me, the fire was scorching us. We came to a sudden halt. Standing in front of us was the beast. Trembling with fear, Jacob held out the mythical dragon egg.  Unexpectedly, the dragon roared with anger tipping us over like dominos.

Violet shouted, “come on, we can’t give up now,” ran towards the mighty beast and swung herself onto its back. Carefully, she stroked its slimy scales and it seemed to calm down. Once again, Jacob stood forward and held out the egg. Thankfully, the dragon bowed but then there was a sudden cracking noise. My eyes widened in amazement, in Jacob’s arms lay a baby dragon. Suddenly, there was a familiar flash of golden light and a tingling sensation…

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