General FAQs

Can we bring our dogs to Raby?

Well-behaved dogs on leads are permitted to visit the Deer Park, Stables Café and Stables Shop. We do request that they be kept on a lead at all times and that any dog waste is cleared and placed in the bins around the grounds. Dogs are not permitted within The Plotters’ Forest and Castle.

I'm a member of the Historic Houses Association; do I get in for free?

Raby Castle is part of the Historic Houses (HH) Friends Scheme and therefore friends and members of the HH are welcome to visit the park and castle free of charge (subject to opening times) upon production of a valid membership card. We regret that we cannot permit access without a valid membership card. This is a requirement of the HH who recompenses Raby Castle for each visit. The Plotters’ Forest is not included with entry and separate tickets must be booked in advance and shown at entry.

Is photography allowed inside the castle?

Photography for personal use only is allowed in the Park. Photography for personal use is allowed in the castle as long as there is no flash and no tripod.

The use of drones at Raby Castle is strictly prohibited.

Permission for commercial photography or filming must be gained in advance, please contact us on 01833 660202 or email admin@raby.co.uk

Are there refreshments available?

Food and drinks are available daily at our Yurt Cafe and Plotters’ Pantry. From soups to sandwiches, savoury snacks and sweet treats, there is something for everyone. We also have gluten-free and vegan options available.

Can I bring a picnic to enjoy in the grounds?

Visitors, with a valid entrance ticket, are welcome to enjoy a picnic in the grounds and there are picnic tables and benches located near the car parking area. All we ask is that visitors kindly clear up any litter and left over food after themselves and use the bins provided around the Park. We regret that barbeques or open fires are not permitted due to animal and environmental safety.

Do I need to pre-book?

If you’d like to visit Raby Castle and Deer Park, we would always recommend pre-booking online. We cannot guarantee ticket availability on site.

Can I have a refund?

Tickets purchased are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Can I change the date of my booking?

Tickets purchased are non-refundable and non-transferable. However, if you created a Digi Tickets customer account when you made your booking you can log in and manage your account and tickets.

What happens if the weather is bad?

Unless we close the park due to extreme weather warnings, tickets are non-refundable. We always hope for glorious weather, but please check the forecast before your visit and dress appropriately. If it’s a rainy day – waterproof clothing and the Great British spirit will be required!

Can I bring my bike?

Visitors are very welcome to bring their own bikes to enjoy a cycle around the Deer Park with a valid ticket. Bike trails and a map of the grounds can be provided on entry to help you explore. Look out for spectacular views of the Castle, our herds of red and fallow deer and an abundance of wildlife.

Are there any cash machines on site?

We do not have any cash machines on site. Card Payments are the preferred payment method.

Do you offer a discount for carers?

Visitors with mobility issues or special needs will be offered a concession ticket. If your group requires a carer admission, please call the office to book your free space on 01833 660202 and bring ID along with you on the day.

If you are travelling as part of a special needs group, then group rates are applicable and we offer free places to organisers/teachers. Please call us in advance to discuss your requirements on 01833 660202.

Find out more about Disabled Access.

Find out more about Group Visits.

Does the park have wheelchairs or mobility scooters for hire?

There are no wheelchairs or Mobility Scooters for hire.

Is there a discount for group bookings?

For all group enquries please contact admin@raby.co.uk

Do I have to pay for parking?

There is no charge to park at Raby Castle.

Is there disabled parking?

Disabled parking is available on site, please ask a member of the team to direct you on arrival.

Can I smoke at Raby?

Smoking is not permitted.

Dogs at Raby Castle Harvest Market

The Plotters’ Forest FAQs

What type of ticket do I need to access The Plotters' Forest?

Two types of tickets are available to purchase to gain access to The Plotters’ Forest.

The Plotters’ Forest & Deer Park Tickets give you access to both The Plotters’ Forest and Deer Park
Raby Castle, Deer Park & The Plotters’ Forest Tickets give you access to Raby Castle, Deer Park and The Plotters’ Forest (This is an upgrade option when purchasing The Plotters’ Forest and Deer Park ticket).

Can I purchase tickets on site for The Plotters' Forest?

We recommend pre-booking your tickets for The Plotters’ Forest in advance online as we cannot guarantee availability on site.

Is The Plotters' Forest accessible?

The Plotters’ Forest is set on a hillside within natural woodland, with some uneven ground and steps. However a wooden boardwalk, which reaches the top of the playground is accessible by wheelchair and pushchair, creating a fun and inclusive space for all of Raby’s visitors.

Does our Annual Pass give us access to The Plotters' Forest?

Annual Passes that were purchased before April 2022 do not admit visitors to The Plotter’s Forest. However, all Annual Pass holders are able to upgrade their Annual Pass to include The Plotters’ Forest. A NEW Annual Pass has been created for The Plotters’ Forest for new customers, this includes access to Raby Castle, Deer Park, High Force Waterfall and The Plotters’ Forest.

Can I buy an Annual Pass for The Plotters' Forest?

Yes – our new Annual Passes include access to The Plotters’ Forest, Raby Castle and Deer Park.

Can adults visit The Plotters' Forest without any children?

The Plotters’ Forest is an adventure play area that has been designed for children, therefore adults with no accompanying children will not be permitted into The Plotters’ Forest.

There are many other areas of Raby Castle you can explore instead including the castle, deer park, cafe and shop.

This is an unsupervised play area. All Plotters and Rebels must be accompanied by supervising adult (we have coffee at the top!)

How long do I have access to The Plotters' Forest?

Entry into The Plotters’ Forest starts from your allocated time slot. We recommend a maximum stay of 2 hours in the attraction. The Plotters’ Forest and Deer Park tickets allow you access to the deer park anytime between 10am till 4pm. Tickets including the castle are also available as well as upgrades are available onsite.

Can I bring a dog into The Plotters' Forest?

Well behaved dogs on leads are permitted to visit the Deer Park, Yurt Cafe and Stables Shop. We do request that they please be kept on a lead at all times and that any dog waste is cleared and placed in the bins around the grounds. Dogs are not permitted within The Plotters’ Forest and Castle.

What age is The Plotters' Forest suitable for?

The Plotters’ Forest has been designed to cater for a mixed range of ages and abilities and contains elements of risk of all ages. The majority of the equipment is designed to be moderately challenging.

Adults should supervise younger children carefully. Adults should also be comfortable that the risks contained are suitable for the abilities of their children before allowing them to play.

Big people decide. Only you know the abilities and limitations of the children in your care. Please keep an eye on them and make sure they’re playing safely.

There is also a dedicated area for toddlers to play.

How long can I have access to The Plotters’ Forest, if I have booked the 3pm slot time?

If you book the 3pm allocated time slot you have access to The Plotters’ Forest until 5pm.

Once I have left The Plotters’ Forest can I come back in later in the day?

Entry to The Plotters’ Forest is at your allocated time slot, once you have left you can enjoy the deer park and other areas of Raby Castle. You will not be able to re-enter.

Can I bring a picnic into The Plotters' Forest?

We have designated picnic benches on site close by to the Cafe Yurt, picnics are not allowed in The Plotters’ Forest. Refreshments are available at The Plotters’ Forest.

What can I do in The Plotters' Forest?

The Plotters’ Forest has been designed around discovery, intrigue and challenge around our Christmas Tree plantation with historical features throughout including the Neville Gateway, the Plotters’ Spire, towers and forts inspired by the castle’s history. Other elements include plotters’ talking tubes, peaky portrait, rebels xylophone, mischief mirrors, giant memory game, plotters’ slide, rebels run, toddlers play, sky-high tunnels, treetop tunnels and so much more. Another key element of The Plotters’ Forest is outdoor play reaping the benefits of playing in nature including sensory play, creativity, imagination and wellbeing.

We recommend two hours of play, all tickets allow access to the 200-acre deer park with scenic views of the castle and wildlife. Throughout the holidays periods, we have the added bonus of seasonal trails. There is also the opportunity to upgrade your ticket to include a visit inside the castle to view the superb collections and room exterior.

When are the quieter times in The Plotters' Forest?

We would recommend the 3pm slot during the weekdays for children who enjoy quieter times.

Plotters Forest Play Area

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