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The Deer Park

Spend time in the grounds of Raby Castle.

With 200 acres to explore and a range of wildlife on our doorstep, there is plenty to see and do across Raby Park. Discover our walking routes and meet our herds of red and fallow deer.

Between May and July our female deer give birth and although it is very exciting to see babies around the park we always remind our visitors to respect their privacy and keep a safe distance.

If you see a baby deer in the park do not approach it, even if it appears to be on its own. Its mother won’t be too far away and you could be putting the calf and yourself at risk by going too close.

Raby Deer

The Deer Park at Raby is home to two species of deer; Red Deer, the largest British wild land mammal and the smaller Fallow Deer. Both herds include the descendants of deer which have been here since Norman times.

Both herds change their behaviour during the year with the males largely living apart from the females and only coming together during the mating season, or ‘rut’. It is at this time that the park is a hive of activity and reverberates to the roaring of the Red Stags and the groans of the Fallow Bucks while they challenge their counterparts and spar for the attention of the hinds and does.

Both the Red and Fallow Deer give birth in the early summer and it is then that the hinds and does separate themselves from the herd to drop their young. The Red calves and Fallow fawns, as their young are called, can walk within hours of birth but their mothers leave them hidden and return to feed them until the young are strong enough to follow their mothers.

The Stags and Bucks shed their antlers in the spring and regrow new ones each year through the summer. Red stags grow in a classical style with many points and the Fallow bucks have the very distinctive palmated antlers. The antlers harden in time for the rut in the autumn shedding the velvet, which the antler grows in, as they do so.


There are some beautiful walks around the Deer Park at Raby Castle.

Maps and walking routes are available from our admissions team. Follow our recommended walks below or make your own way with open access to our 200 acres.

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Put on your walking boots, grab a lead and head over to Raby Castle’s Deer Park with your dogs. Situated where we are, you’ll be spoilt for choice for ‘walkies’

There are plenty of scenic walks across our 200-acre parkland for you and your four-legged friend(s) to explore. Routes feature impressive views of the castle fortress and an abundance of wildlife across our ponds and woodlands. Please note that dogs must be kept on leads at all times.

Mini Mindfulness Trail in The Deer Park

On this adventure, children will take a moment to stop and explore their senses while discovering the sounds, sights and smells nature has to offer.

Keep an eye out for our majestic red and fallow deer, not forgetting our elegant swans swimming in the pond.

The trail is included in standard Deer Park admission. Pick up your complimentary trail sheet from the Visitor Services Team.

Deer Sanctuary

Lord Barnard, in consultation with the deer management team, a renowned deer vet and deer park historian, have undertaken the works with a view to providing more deer-friendly habitats within the Park. We have incorporated an area to the south-west of the main park encompassing the corner of Bath Wood and a small proportion of previously arable fields to the west.

This latest extension incorporates areas of the historic deer park which was once much larger than the area we know today. Crucially this area includes a parcel of mature woodland (conifer and broadleaves), a water course with areas of low-lying wet ground and two areas of newly sown, deer specific grassland.

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Users can discover walking routes around the Deer Park via an interactive map, create their own bespoke tour of the Castle grounds by filtering different points of interest including wildlife, historical developments and land management practices, and can also locate nearby facilities including food outlets, car parking and toilets.

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