Safety & Access

High Force can be extremely dangerous and unforgiving by nature; you must respect its tremendous power.  Children and pets should be kept under close supervision at all times, especially at the water’s edge.

In the interests of the safety of all our guests, visitors and staff, we respectfully ask that you follow all safety advice and instructions during your visit. At certain times the gate leading from the viewing gallery down to the water’s edge may be closed for visitor safety.

We ask visitors never to enter the water for any reason. The water levels can change suddenly and without warning, the current is extremely powerful.

Please keep to the footpaths at High Force. We are lucky enough to be situated in a recognised North Pennines National Landscape, in addition to which, Natural England have designated much of our site a SSSI, this means a site of Special Scientific Interest. As custodians we are tasked with protecting the site and it’s sensitive nature and wildlife. Please help us to do this by following the site notices and keeping to the footpaths.  Please ensure that you use the litter bins provided along the route, litter can cause serious problems for our wildlife and waterways.

Dogs are very welcome along all of the footpaths but to protect the sensitive plants and wildlife, please keep dogs on a lead during your visit.  Be especially careful with dogs around the car park area, not only for the safety of your dog but also to protect livestock in adjoining fields.

High Force Waterfall Accessibility Guide High Force Hotel Accessibility Guide

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