In the rolling hills of County Durham, nestled within the picturesque landscape of Raby Estates, lies a piece of agricultural heritage that spans over two centuries. Raby Home Farm, established by the Earl of Darlington with a vision to foster agricultural innovation, has stood the test of time, blending traditional farming practices with modern sustainability techniques. Today, the same family tends to the land, preserving the essence of the countryside while embracing responsible land management.

Our Raby Rapeseed Oil has been sourced from the rich soil on Raby Home Farm grounds, spanning over 5 acres, the rapeseed used in this oil embodies the essence of the region. What makes Raby Rapeseed Oil truly special is not just its origin, but the meticulous process it undergoes. Every drop of oil is cold-pressed by Lovesome Oil, a local family based company located in Darlington. This method, which is conducted at room temperature, ensures that the oil retains its natural colour and flavour, without any compromise. The seed waste from the oil extraction process is repurposed as nutrient-rich animal feed, which is then used across the estate.

Raby Rapeseed Oil

What sets Raby Rapeseed Oil apart isn’t just its taste, but its health benefits too! With less saturated fat and higher omega-3 levels than olive oil, it’s a heart-healthy choice for conscious consumers. It also boasts a high smoke point of 230 degrees celsius, making it ideal for a variety of cooking applications. Whether its used to roast vegetables, bake delectable cakes and pastries, fry crispy delights, or simply drizzle over salads for a burst of flavour.

For those eager to experience the essence of Raby in their own kitchen, Raby Rapeseed Oil is available for purchase at The Stables Shop at Raby Castle. Priced at £12.00 for a 500ml bottle.

Raby Rapeseed Oil

The Stables Shop | Wednesday – Sunday | 11am – 4pm

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