County Durham

The County Durham Estate is split into two main land holdings, traditionally known as the Raby Estate and the Upper Teesdale Estate.

These two Estates include tenanted farms, residential properties and commercial assets spread from Piercebridge in the east to the county boundary with Cumbria in the west.

The County Durham Estates include a unique assortment of arable, mixed and upland tenanted farms alongside the Raby Home Farm based in Raby Park.

Estate properties are often recognised by their traditional whitewashed walls which can be seen across Teesdale.


The Shropshire Estate is located between Shrewsbury and Telford, consisting of tenanted working farms and let cottages. There is also a holiday cottage on the estate.

The Raby Estate in Shropshire shares ownership of the Wrekin with a neighbouring estate.  The Wrekin is contained within the northern area of the Shropshire Hills National Landscape.

Starting at Piercebridge in the East and stretching to Marwood in the west, the Raby County Durham Estate includes fully equipped tenanted farms and residential properties.

The more fertile soil in the east supports predominately arable and mixed farming models with the upland habitat of Langleydale giving rise to traditional livestock enterprises.

Generally recognised by their whitewashed exterior, Raby residential properties can be found in many Teesdale villages including Staindrop, Piercebridge, Wackerfield and Summerhouse.

Upper Teesdale Property

Starting at Middleton in Teesdale in the East and stretching to the county boundary with Cumbria in the west, the Upper Teesdale Estate includes 56 fully equipped tenanted farms and over 185 residential properties.

Traditional hill farming is the main industry in Upper Teesdale, with the Swaledale sheep being the breed of choice for many upland farms.

Most Upper Teesdale farms enjoy the benefit of grazing rights on the higher fells of Teesdale which provide summer grazing for their hefted Swaledale flocks.

The Estate covers many important designations including the North Pennies Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Special Protection Area (SPA’s), Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and the Moorhouse National Nature Reserve (NNR). Due to the high levels of land stewardship being undertaken by the Estate’s tenants, Upper Teesdale is known as being nationally important for its abundance of rare flora and fauna.

Generally recognised by their whitewashed exterior, Upper Teesdale residential properties can be found in many Teesdale villages including Middleton, Newbiggin, Bowlees and Harwood.

From time to time the Upper Teesdale Estate will offer to the market letting opportunities for both agricultural and residential properties. These opportunities will be generally advertised in the local press through GSC Grays.


The Raby Estate offers a wide range of properties for people to live in and work from. We are committed to a long-term regeneration plan to ensure our properties offer the correct standards of comfort and compliance for our tenants to make homes in.

How to rent from us

Please note that we do not hold a waiting list and if you are interested in our properties below please start by contacting the Estate Office on 01952 740 223 or shropshire@raby.co.uk

Application and admin fees are applicable, you will be notified at the time of viewing a property of these costs. Every effort is made to keep the costs as low as possible.


Please contact the Estate Office on 01952 740 223 or email shropshire@raby.co.uk detailing the following; nature of problem (ideally a photo or two), idea of urgency, convenient time for us to call you or come and inspect, your name and property also if you are happy for us to pass you contact detail to our trusted and inducted contractors who will help fix the problem.


An emergency is something which will have affect to a tenant or third parties health, safety or security. Examples of an emergency include:

  • Complete failure of central heating and hot water, before calling please ensure there is oil in the tank and the boiler is turned on also that a fault is not being caused by local network gas or power outages.
  • Complete loss of water supply, before calling please check that if your water is provided from a utility company that they have not shut the water off. The water company in this area is Severn Trent Water.
  • A large water leak which can not be contained for 24 hours.
  • A Gas leak, this is likely to be from a private supply on the Shropshire estate. Please call the emergency number below.
  • Loss of power, please check that all the switches in the fuse board or set to the on position and that Western Power has not shut the local grid power network down before calling.
  • Emergency out of hours (outside 8.00am to 5.00pm, Monday to Friday) please contact 07805 788268.

Paying your rent

This should be paid in full and on time in accordance with your tenancy agreement. Payment methods accepted are:

Standing order: Our preferred payment method and please contact the Estate Office for details if you don’t already have one set up. This is the most efficient and convenient method to pay your rent.

Debit and credit card: Payments can be made at the Estate Office or over the phone, please call 01952 740 223.

Bank transfer and cheque: Please contact the Estate Office for further details

Cash: We only accept if paid in person at the Estate Office and amounts only up to £1000.

Rent arrears

Rent arrears are treated seriously by the landlord. If you know that you are going to have difficulty in paying your rent or have received a letter from us regarding rent arrears please contact the Estate Office on 01952 740 223.

Contact Us

If you would like to enquire about any of the above available properties, please view our contact details below:



Durham Properties
Phone : 01833 660888 | Email: reception@raby.co.uk



Shropshire Properties
Phone: 01952 740223 | Email: shropshire@raby.co.uk

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