Our Woodlands

Guided Bluebell Walk at Raby Castle County Durham

Woodland forms an integral part of the Raby Estate, with broadleaf and coniferous plantations occupying land from the high ground of the Wrekin and north Pennine moorland edges, to the lowland margins of the River Tees and the Severn.

Forest Management

Generations of continuous forest management have shaped the woodland landscape and developed a rich diversity of habitat and natural timber resource that is enjoyed today. The woodlands are sustainably managed under long term forest plans which are independently certified under the UK Woodland Assurance Standard. The primary objective of the plans is to produce high quality timber in a responsible manner that safeguards the biodiversity of the woodlands and the landscape in which they are situated.

Supplying the community

Forest operations are responsibly managed by a dedicated Estate Team, supported by local contractors. Through a sustainable harvesting programme, the Estate produces a range of hardwood and softwood milling timber, cut to customers’ specifications, along with roundwood for supply to local firewood and biomass processors.

Forestry Team
Christmas Trees


Following timber harvesting, the regeneration of robust, diverse woodland is a priority and an extensive planting programme ensures that clear-felled areas are suitably re-stocked. The careful selection of productive conifers and native broadleaf trees that are suited to the range of site and climatic conditions across the Estate will improve the resilience of the woodland and ensure continued growth for future generations.

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